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  • Dealing with scrap metal without a license:
  • First Offense
  • Second and Subsequent Offenses
  • Failure to conspicuously display a sign within their premises
  • Dealing with scrap metal:
  • Before 6:00AM and past 6:00PM
  • Dealings with persons under 18 years
  • Dealings with persons who do not fully satisfy their given identities
  • Failure to report lost or stolen property:
  • Removing, defacing, or destroying any scrap metal from the infrastructure designed for roads, bridges, railways, pipelines, telecommunication, electricity, water, and sewerage, or any government infrastructure project
  • Actions by agents or servants that would constitute an offense
  • Transferring a license without the consent of the CS
  • Failure to keep a register as prescribed in the Fifth Schedule
  • Dealing with scrap metal elsewhere other than the specified premises without authorization
  • Allowing scrap metal of unknown origin into one’s premises
  • Exporting scrap metal without authorization